Can I pick up or drop off outside of kennel hours?
The kennel is closed outside of business hours. Please be aware of dog kennel hours when making reservations. In the event you are experiencing an emergency and need service, please contact the kennel and arrangements can be made.

How many times a day will my dog eat and should I bring my own food?
Dogs are fed twice daily. The kennel provides Iams MiniChunks Adult Dog Food. You may bring food of your choice. Any food items should be in a plastic container with a lid that has your name clearly marked on the outside. Please do not bring open sacks of dog food. You may also bring dog treats. We do not allow rawhide and Nyla bones.

Do you administer medications?
Medications are administered as directed by your veterinarian. Food supplements (non-treat items) are treated as medications. Please have pills in a pill dispenser with your name clearly marked on the outside or in the original prescription bottle. There is no extra fee for administering medications. If your dog requires medical care other than administering pills, for example injections, please contact us prior to boarding so we can discuss the appropriate level of care your dog requires.

What if my dog becomes ill or injured during boarding?
If an emergency arises, we use a local veterinarian. If a non-emergency situation or question arises about your pet’s health, we will seek the consult of your regular veterinarian. If your dog should incur a vet bill while boarding, you will be notified by telephone. All vet bills are the owner’s responsibility.

What bedding items should I bring?
We recommend that you leave nice dog beds at home and bring an old blanket or rug if necessary — they’re easier to launder, and if they get chewed up, it’s not the end of the world. We will wash bedding if it gets soiled. However, we cannot wash dog beds with fiberfill.

Should I bring toys?
A few toys from home are fine. You are limited to two dog toys. We will remove any toys that are being chewed up and possibly digested. Remember that dogs are here playing with toys and that sometimes things don’t get back where they belong. There is no guarantee your dog will return home with any toy items.

How many times a day does my dog go outside?
At a minimum, we exercise/potty four times a day in pea gravel kennel runs. The dogs go outside to the grass play area at least twice daily and can stay outside for up to 30 minutes or more depending on weather conditions. Your dog will go home very tired after boarding.

Are there dogs you won’t accept for boarding?
We have a pretty strict rule that female dogs in any stage of a heat cycle will not be accepted for boarding. This includes the day they start showing signs of bleeding through about 10 days after the visual heat cycle ends. Please call us ahead of time with any questions.

Another good issue to call and discuss ahead of time prior to boarding is any biting or aggressive behaviors known to owners.

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Jon Zunkel, owner of Tri-County Boarding Kennel, has been training and caring for dogs for 25 years.  We know what it takes to give your dog a fun and comfortable kennel stay, including free group play and plenty of outdoor time.

Check boarding rates and kennel hours and then contact us to schedule.