Boarding Rates

As always, FREE group play and outside exercise are included in every stay.

Single Dog, Any Size: $20 per day. 

Add $10 per day for each additional dog when staying in the same kennel.  

Multiple Dogs, Separate Kennels: $20 per dog per day.

Bathing Service: $15 to $40 or more depending on breed size and coat. Available at drop-off upon request.

Rates Accrue Daily.  The day you drop off, regardless of time of drop off, is counted as a day.  Example:  Dropping off Friday and picking up Saturday morning before close would be considered one day.  Leaving your pup until Sunday evening or Monday morning before close is considered three days.

Any time dogs are boarded in the same kennel, our major concern is that they will get along at all times, especially during feeding.  Also, we require that dogs live in the same household in order to be kenneled in the same unit.  We reserve the right to separate any dogs who are boarding together at our discretion for the dogs’ own safety.  If your dogs are not compatible boarding in the same kennel unit, you will be charged for two separate kennels.

We offer a basic bath at exit at the rate of $15 for smaller breeds, up to $40 or more for larger breeds and thick coats.

We ask all customers who board their dog with us to fill out and sign our Boarding Contract (PDF).

In addition, all customers must fill out our Dog Profile (PDF) which includes basic information about your dog.  Owners must provide written proof from their veterinarian that their dog is current on all vaccinations, including Bordetella.

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Jon Zunkel, owner of Tri-County Boarding Kennel, has been training and caring for dogs for 25 years.  We know what it takes to give your dog a fun and comfortable kennel stay, including free group play and plenty of outdoor time.

Check boarding rates and kennel hours and then contact us to schedule.